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Legal Temporary Jobs

A Legal Staffing Firm Providing Temporary Attorneys and Support Staff

Engaging temporary attorneys and legal support staff has become integral to high-functioning law firms and in-house legal departments. Adding or supplementing permanent staff with temporary professionals can improve overall functioning and can maximize human resource budgets. As a legal staffing firm, we match talent for unanticipated vacancies, sudden surges in workload, or interim needs such as vacations or medical leave. Our rigorously vetted professionals are available for short- and long-term assignments. Z Legal places temporary:

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Legal Secretaries/Legal Administrative Assistants
  • Other support staffing including, but not limited to: Human Resources, Business Development/Marketing, Office Services/Facilities, Legal Recruiting/Professional Development, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our placement specialists improve hiring efficiency by handling the search and onboarding details for clients. We determine the job scope and goals, and then contact select pre-qualified candidates from our pool of temporary attorneys, paralegals, and support staff. We perform background checks, complete hiring paperwork, payroll, and other hiring details. Additionally, we provide all the necessary insurances including malpractice insurance for attorneys.

We can also perform temporary staffing payroll services for your firm. If you find a temporary legal employee on your own and do not wish to manage all the hiring regulation requirements, we can handle all the payroll and paperwork for you at an attractive low billing rate.

Temporary and Contract Attorneys

Temporary attorneys are an excellent solution to assist your firm or in-house legal department during peak workload, to bring in a specialized skill, or to complete projects and document reviews. You can specify candidates with a variety of skill sets and experience levels. All candidates will have completed education, licensing and employment checks, and any additional checks required as requested.

What are the benefits of a temporary attorney position? There are many reasons attorneys may choose to take temporary jobs. Here are some responses we have heard from our temporary Lawyers and other legal professionals:

  • Recently laid off
  • Returning to the workforce
  • Choosing a flexible schedule to honor other commitments
  • Semi-retirement
  • Solo practitioners augmenting work
  • Recently relocated attorneys
  • Balancing work-life issues such as children or family health
  • Recent graduates awaiting licensing
  • Recent graduates unsure of their career path
  • Prefers to observe a firm’s culture before applying for permanent status
  • Attorneys transitioning to new specialties

The New England Paralegal and Legal Secretary Staffing Firm

Maintaining low staffing budgets may mean hiring temporary paralegals, legal secretaries, legal assistants, and other support staff. These temporary staff members augment law firm and in-house staff during peak workflow. Firms and legal departments may also require staff with specialized skills such as language, prior casework experience, or specialized expertise. Temporary legal staff can fill this professional void without affecting your permanent employee roster.

Supporting your team with temporary legal professionals can help firms take on more business, boost morale by supporting overworked staff, and allow you to cover a position during medical and family leave or sudden vacancies. Z Legal will match the candidate's work history with your needs so that a temporary paralegal or assistant can quickly get up to speed and complete important work for your firm.

Legal Temp-to-Hire Arrangements

Temporary legal employees are an excellent source of direct hire placements for law firms. The firm and employee get to "test drive" each other and see if the arrangement is a good culture and personality fit. Our placement team is happy to facilitate offers to temporary employees and convert them to permanent employees at your firm. In addition, we assist with any necessary paperwork and can apply a staffing credit in some instances.

This temp strategy helps candidates learn new skills and become more marketable. In addition, they can expand their resumes, showcase their abilities, and get their foot in the door of a desirable firm.

The Premier Legal Staffing Firm in New England

Z Legal provides talent for long- and short-term needs in New England. You may choose on-site or remote temporary legal staff, or a hybrid combination. In addition, temporary employees may be full-time or part-time. Contact us today for ideas and customized arrangements for your law firm or corporate legal department.