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Jobs for Attorneys

Attorney Positions in New England: Partners, Associates, and Staff Attorney Opportunities

Z Legal applies expertise, insight, and discretion to the nuances of attorney job placements. Trends, salaries, diversity goals, emerging legal specialties, and hybrid workplaces are some of the dynamic challenges firms experience when searching for attorneys. Our expert placement team can make a time and quality difference, providing guidance and efficiency for attorneys seeking employment and firms searching for new lawyers. Skillfully managing the attorney job search and placement process is our specialty.

We place attorneys within New England and in remote/work from home positions. The decision to support remote positions will increase the number of qualified applicants for each attorney role.

Partner and Associate Attorney Positions

Our legal recruiting experts will help you find attorneys with the experience, skills, and work ethic your law firm requires. Partners and Associates are the backbone of law firms, supporting the dynamics and goals of the firm, and contributing to the firm's growth and success. Searching for the right candidate takes time and expertise. Z Legal can narrow the field, so you only spend time considering top talent. We place Partners and Associates in all areas of law. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate Law
    • M&A, Debt Finance, Financial Restructuring, Governance, and Venture Capital
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate
  • Patent and Trademark
  • Business and Commercial Litigation
  • Employment
  • Health Care
  • Environmental
  • Appellate
  • White Collar and Government Investigation
  • Banking
  • Private Investments
  • Tax
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Immigration
  • Domestic Relations
  • Alternative roles for attorneys
    • Conflicts Attorneys, Leadership in Legal Recruiting, and Professional Development

In addition to partner-track associate positions, Z Legal places 'of counsel’, In-House, and Contract/Temporary Attorneys. Please see our other sections for more details.

Remote Attorney Positions

Z Legal regularly recruits for remote attorney jobs, allowing us to recruit from all over the country. While remote attorneys may do most of their work from home, they may still need to visit with clients or travel to attend meetings in person. We place remote attorneys in law firms and in-house legal departments for corporations and organizations. We help firms create flexible arrangements that suit the demands of both clients and attorneys, providing guidance on the latest trends and options.

In-House Counsel Positions in New England

Decades of experience in Boston and New England has given Z Legal close working relationships with many of the largest companies in the area. The inclusion of attorneys on our search teams provides us with deep institutional knowledge of corporate requirements for in-house counsel. For businesses looking to add counsel to reduce outside legal costs, or those wishing to expand in-house counsel, our team will suggest excellent options and present vetted candidates to fulfill your legal department needs. Our recruiters provide inclusive opportunities for diverse and talented candidates. We place both permanent and temporary attorneys in many roles, including the following:

  • General Counsel & Chief Legal Officers
  • Litigation Attorneys
  • Compliance Counsel
  • Contracts Attorneys
  • Labor & Employment Attorneys
  • Legal Operations Directors

Attorneys who work inside a corporate organization or government entity protect and reduce risk for all business activities. They are vital to running a compliant and ethical company.

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