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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Candidates

Why should I use Z Legal Staffing for my job search?

Z Legal has been part of the New England legal community for many years. We have excellent relationships and an extensive history with law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies that hire legal specialists. These firms trust our judgment with respect to their needs and work environment. Since we have such strong relationships with our clients, we can highlight the essential parts of your resume; your background, skills, experience, and intangible qualities which go beyond simply what appears on paper. Additionally, once we achieve the interview request, our team helps prepare you for the interview and position you for success.

Is the candidate charged a fee for placement services?

There is no fee charged to the candidate. The companies utilizing our services cover all related fees.

Why should I consider contract/temporary positions?

The benefits of temporary legal work placements include:

  • Working as a contract/temporary employee allows you to test-drive a new, potentially permanent position. You will gain an understanding of the work environment and office culture, as well as typical workday requirements.
  • Working as a contract/temporary employee allows you to gain valuable experience to add to your resume.
  • You can learn new skills and hone your existing skills while searching for permanent work.

What if I need help with my resume? What if my resume is incomplete?

We can assist you with your resume. Whether you have a developing or existing resume, we can provide feedback and make suggestions based on our experience, giving you the professional presentation needed for your job search.

Legal Staffing Case Studies

Here are some recent placement success stories highlighting our varied and innovative staffing solutions:

Biopharma General Counsel

Case Study: A biopharma startup was growing financially, but was challenged by its outside client legal bills. They utilized a prestigious regional firm and were pleased with the services, however, we observed that our client was having the law firm perform work that an in-house attorney could do while continuing to use outside counsel for specific or high-level tasks. The work was piling up and they were not attracting permanent, talented in-house help, except in the form of contract attorneys. In addition, because our client was a startup, they were unable to pay what more established companies could.

The Challenge: We needed to locate a talented attorney with a solid biopharma background who could hit the ground running. The candidate required an extensive biopharma knowledge and to be counted on and trusted by the organization's principals as they built the business.

Our Solution: Our experienced Z Legal attorney recruiters sourced, recruited and networked to find attorney candidates with this experience. We produced several strong candidates resulting in a very successful hire by the firm.

Follow Up: Their selection is now General Counsel and has collaborated with C-level management as they have successfully expanded the company. We have since added additional attorneys to their in-house corporate legal department.

Litigation Partner

Case Study: A well-established mid-sized general practice law firm needed a frontline Litigation Partner who had a successful courtroom and case resolution track record and had also previously built a financially successful practice.

The Challenge: Our team needed to recruit a high-level attorney who could represent sophisticated, leading businesses and find someone with a substantial book of business. This candidate would need to be a personality fit to work well alongside existing senior partners.

Our Solution: Our experienced recruiters extensively sought potential candidates among our established legal network and industry relationships. We conducted in-depth vetting and interviews, leading to the successful hiring of a candidate with the right balance of experience.

Follow Up: The hired Litigation Partner has built a successful practice at the firm, increasing their department size and revenue. For new hires, they have become a key "go-to" person, mentoring younger attorneys and helping to ensure the firm's future success. In addition, we provide many of the firm's litigation candidates in Boston, New England, and nationally.

Estate Planning/Trusts & Estates Paralegal

Case Study: A national law firm with practices in several large cities saw declining supplementary legal business coming in through their Private Client group. The group consisted of a small number of attorneys because the workload was inconsistent.

The Challenge: The firm faced a dilemma; they wanted to avoid hiring attorneys at higher salaries due to restrictions in revenues from the practice group, but they did not want to limit the scale of a team that had historically generated valuable leads and business development opportunities.

Our Solution: We collaborated with the management of the client firm and arrived at the solution of hiring an Estate Planning/Trusts & Estates Paralegal. This candidate would be seasoned, experienced and able to bill many hours for the firm. However, hiring a paralegal would cost substantially less than hiring an attorney. Our team found a highly qualified candidate through extensive networking, sourcing, and recruiting.

Follow Up: Our paralegal placement has been very productive within the client firm. This paralegal has helped retain business, facilitated Private Client group expansion, and enabled the firm to hire two additional attorneys within the practice group.

Whether you are actively seeking employment or considering a change, submit your resume and contact Z Legal Staffing to discuss your next legal placement.