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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Employers

Marc Z Legal Staffing is a full Legal Recruiting and Legal Staffing company.

We recruit for and staff many law-related positions for both full-time and part-time permanent positions and on a temporary basis. Placements include all specialized legal positions needed in a law firm, legal department or government agency. We recruit and place Attorneys & In-House Counsel, Paralegals, and Business Professionals (including Legal Leadership, Human Resources, Business Development & Marketing, Finance & Accounting/Billing, Legal Recruiting and Professional Development, Legal Secretaries/Legal Administrative Assistants, Law Librarians, and Facilities Management.)

Our team places legal employees ranging from partner to entry-level candidate.

Why use Marc Z Legal Staffing?

We are experts in our field with over 35 years of experience in full-time and part-time legal recruiting and legal staffing placement. We are an award-winning company well known in the placement and staffing of Attorneys, Paralegals and Business Professionals. In addition to placing and recruiting legal professionals for your firm, we provide the benefit of our legal and business experience. The team is comprised of seasoned Attorneys, Human Resource professionals and Paralegals. We Know Legal! We have access to the best and the brightest talent. Our team members belong to or support numerous legal organizations to access and network with the top talent. Some of those organizations include: American Bar Association (ABA), the Boston Bar Association (BBA), The Women’s Bar Association, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and District of Columbia bars, The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), Legal Marketing Association (LMA), Massachusetts Paralegal Association (MPA), Legal Sales and Service organization(LSSO), Provisors, the USA 500 Clubs, and the Victim’s Rights Center.

Using our firm will save you a considerable amount of time and money. Z Legal will actively recruit and market the particular position to qualified candidates. All potential placements are thoroughly screened and interviewed, and we provide the required background and reference checks and skill assessments as determined by our clients.

We spend our time and financial resources so you can save yours. After we have selected candidates with the legal skills and educational background you require, we present them to you, efficiently completing the job-filling process.

Temporary Attorneys, Paralegals and Business Professionals?

Our firm provides temporary legal staffing to address staff vacancies, special projects, and increasing workloads. We can assist you in getting through crunch periods, leaves of absence, and employee vacations. We provide professionals for any need, including contract/temporary Attorneys, Paralegals, and Business Professionals. Temporary employees may be more cost-effective if your workload fluctuates.

When using our staffing firm, we cover all the necessary payroll taxes and all other costs relevant and necessary to the engagement of the temporary/contract employee. In short, we are the employer while they are a temporary employee for you.

Z Legal is both time- and cost-efficient. If you choose to hire a temporary assignment candidate for a full-time or part-time role, there is often financial credit given if a placement fee is due, depending on the circumstances of that assignment. In addition, we facilitate the necessary paperwork for these onboardings.

Payrolling Services

We also offer payrolling services if you decide to hire someone for a limited period of time, want to consider a candidate on a trial basis, or have identified your own temporary employee for your organization but do not want to handle the tedious regulatory paperwork requirements that come with employee hiring. We can provide payrolling services for these individuals at a very reasonable bill rate.

What if I want to hire a Z Legal Staffing temporary employee directly?

We are pleased to see many of our temporary legal placements lead to permanent job positions. It is quite common, and we are happy to help negotiate the terms and facilitate the necessary paperwork when the time comes.

In addition, this is a highly efficient and effective way to assess a candidate in your work environment for both skill set and work culture fit before making a hiring commitment. Unsurprisingly, we experience high retention rates for temporary employees who are subsequently hired as permanent employees.