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Marc Z Legal  specializes in the recruitment and placement of all levels of legal professionals with the highest degree of expertise. We take the time to fully address the needs of our clients and provide excellent candidates by various sourcing techniques, conducting face-to-face interviews, computer skills testing, background checks, and reference checks. Our goal is to offer you the best candidate and ultimately succeed in finding the proper fit for both candidate and employer.

We know how crucial it is to find the proper employee matches. We are here to save you time and money. Why spend hours going through piles of resumes, when we proactively search for the right person. Additionally, turnover is costly. We look for employees who will make a commitment to the firm or company.

We also know that your company's success is very much dependent upon having the right team. We have worked on the "inside," allowing us to gain valuable insight regarding the recruitment process. At Marc Z Legal, we recognize both sides of the equation: the employer and the employee.

Benefits to using Marc Z Legal include: