Marc Z Legal Submit a Résumé


We can help you best by fully understanding your career goals and aspirations.  Step one involves sitting together and allowing you to explain your background and objectives in full detail.  It is this comprehensive interview that lets us get off and running to find the right opportunity, customized for you.

We partner with law firms and companies of all sizes in New England. We understand that each type of employer offers a different environment and different opportunities for each individual. You have our full commitment to work tirelessly to provide you with the right fit.

Along the way, we also assist you in completing the tasks associated with resume preparation, including:

Our goal is to get you the interview. Once we have been successful in accomplishing this goal, we will help prepare you for the interview as needed. We will assist you with research and provide thorough insight on the firm or company so that you can present yourself in the best way possible.

Referral Bonuses

A significant referral bonus is our way of saying "thank you," and will be given to those who recommend candidates who are successfully placed with our clients in either a temporary or permanent position.